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Brooks Behavioral Health Services, LLC - Consulting Division

At Brooks Behavioral Health Services, LLC, we believe in providing more than just counseling services to our consumers. You can request the following services from David Brooks, MA, LCADC:

  • Consulting for Behavioral Health accreditation for CARF or Joint Commission;

  • Trainings, Conferences, Keynote Speakers in many different venues (workplaces, schools, health/wellness fairs, and churches);

  • Evidence Based Group Therapy Consultation;

  • Reducing Recidivism;

  • Effective Counseling with Incarcerated Populations;

  • Learning how to build a rapport and trust with incarcerated individuals;

  • Maintaining Counseling Ethics within the Judicial System;

  • Understanding the dynamics between Clients and Inmates within incarcerated populations;

  • Being Aware of Your Surrounding in Jails and Correctional Facilities;

  • Team Building Staff Trainings;

  • Building the Communication Line between Management and Direct Providers;

  • Having no Responsibility for a Client's Successes or Failures Session;

  • Custody Evaluations;

  • Court Testimony Retainers;

  • Tele-communications with Frederick County's Judicial Officers (States Attorneys, Judges, or Probation officers);

  • In-home interventions with family members or coworkers.

  • And Much More........


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