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I would be thrilled to have a program to address the many needs of offenders that currently remain unaddressed, but are detrimental to offenders succeeding on the outside. These include such basic needs maintaining checking accounts and other basic banking; insurance and medical needs; appropriate attire and behavior in public, etc. They all effect one’s ability to maintain jobs, education or vocational opportunities.
— JULIE R. STEVENSON SOLT, County Administrative Judge, Frederick County Circuit Court, 6th Judicial Circuit

We spend a lot of time and resources on putting people in jail and rehabilitating them when they get out, both of which are necessary for our criminal justice system. However, we should spend a significant amount of recourses looking at why they commit crimes in the first place. Is it the lack of resources? Lack of opportunity? I believe this program will go a long way towards preventing criminal behaviors which are extremely important and much needed in our society.
— Charlie Smith, State Attorney, Frederick County, Maryland

I believe for many, the criminal lifestyle is as hard to give up as the drug. Without addressing the criminality of their behavior, it’s very difficult to address the drug addiction.
— Nanci Hamm, Deputy State Attorney, Frederick County

So often, people re-offend because they don’t have the resources, support or tools to be successful. This proposed program should go a long way in assisting those in need and reducing recidivism.
— Mary S. Riley, Esq., District Public Defender for District 11

I have worked at Frederick County Adult Detention Center for 33 years and I have seen three generations come through the jail: grandfathers, fathers, and grandchildren. This is a family problem that if not broken it will keep on going down the family line, long after I am retired. Frederick County needs a program like the Correct program to help stop the cycle of criminality even if it saves one person. When you save one person, it causes a ripple effect that changes the lives of their children, siblings, parents, cousins and generations to come.
— Lieutenant Colonel William V. DeLauter, Corrections Bureau Chief at Frederick County Adult Detention Center