Brooks Behavioral Health Services
"Helping individuals to Thrive and not just Survive"

Services Overview



Services Overview

All services provided by Brooks Behavioral Health Services will be individualized to center around each client's needs and strengths.


BBHS will provide each client with a thorough and extensive assessment to create an individualized treatment plan with different interventions and goals.

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Individual Sessions

BBHS will utilize individual sessions as one of the many interventions to help a client move through the stages of change in finding a new way to live life.

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Group Sessions

BBHS offers a distinct level of groups that focus on restructuring belief systems, criminogenic needs, trauma/PTSD especially for returning veterans, and much more depending on our clients' needs.

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Family Sessions

BBHS encourages the participation of any natural supports of a client to make the transition in lifestyle an easy process. Families are the backbone of the recovery process.

FIT-Outcome Measurements

All individual and group sessions are monitored through FIT-Outcomes for their effectiveness to help the clients' change process.  Brooks Behavioral Health Services, LLC solicites clinically useful feedback from our clients after every therapeutic service provided in our treatment center.  We are creating an atmosphere where clients feel free to rate their experience of the process and outcome of our services.  We allow every client to provide feedback without fear of retribution.  Our hope is to impact the nature and quality of our delivered services.  

Every client will be introduced to our measurement tools during the beginning of their treatment episode.  To elicit accurate and relevant feedback from our clients, we will introduce the measures carefully, being extremely clear about the questions being asked on the forms and why the client's answers are important.  We will also explain that research on the effectiveness of therapy suggests that their experience of early improvement in their situations and their experience of satisfaction with the services they are receiving from our facility are of prime importance in achieving a successful outcome.

At BBHS we will never be offended or get defensive by the feedback received from our clients.  We want to know if the client does not feel he or she is being helped or if there is something the client wants to be different about the treatment so that we can be responsive to each client.   Brooks Behavioral Health Services, LLC believes that the client's view of treatment is paramount in importance for effectively driving the process of therapy, and that a client's concerns or desire for a change in the process deserves to be taken seriously and humbly by us rather than being treated as if they are the problem.