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Clinical Drug Testing (CDT)

Trust. Verify.

Clinical Drug Testing

Brooks Behavioral Health Services, LLC believes and trusts all of our clients.  Testing for substances is our way of verifying your self report in order to create a holistic treatment plan that will reflect an evidence based outcome measure.  We have a contract with a third party laboratory, Precision Diagnostic, to ensure that all results are analysed thoroughly and we receive a quick accurate outcome. 

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Urine Specimen Testing

At Brooks Behavioral Health Services, LLC, we believe that drug testing is only one tool used in the treatment process.  All test are sent to an independent laboratory for NextGen Precision Urine Analysis.  Precision Diagnostic provides a report that was analyzed below the ng/mL current cutoff standards.  

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Oral Saliva Test

Oral Saliva Testing is another form of drug testing used by Brooks Behavioral Health Services, LLC to assure the treatment plan is being followed by the client.  This type of test is only used at the discretion of the program.  Oral Saliva can only detect substance use for up to 48 hours compared to urine testing period of 72 hours.